In order to provide training and extension support to the fishery sector, a Centrally Sponsored Scheme on "Fisheries Training & Extension" as in operation during the 9th Plan has been continued during the 10th Plan with some modifications. The outlay approved for the scheme for the entire period of the 10th Plan is Rs15.00 crore. The pattern of assistance for different components/items under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme on "Fisheries Training & Extension” in operation during the 10th Plan is as under: -

SL No. Components/Items Assistance approved


Human Resource Development

Stipend @ Rs 100/- per day subject to a maximum of Rs1500/- per participant during the training period of 15 days and an actual to and fro train/bus fare.


Establishment of Fish Farmers' Training Centre

Financial assistance to the maximum extent of Rs 45 lakh to each State for the establishment of maximum three fish farmers training centres.


A. Publication of Handbooks

Rs 15, 000 as an honorarium for each handbook to the Author which will include an approximate expenditure of Rs5,000/= to be incurred by him on stationery, typing, illustrations, transparencies etc. In addition Rs 50,000/= will be paid to the State Government/UT/organization for the printing of about 500 copies of each handbook.

B. Publication of training/extension manuals

Rs 5,000/= as an honorarium to the expert for the preparation of a manual and Rs 20,000/= to the State Government/UT/organization for the publication of 500 copies for each manual.


Organization of workshops/symposia/seminars/meetings/evaluation studies etc.

For organizing workshops/seminars/symposia etc. at the National level, a lump sum amount not exceeding Rs1.0 lakh will be provided mainly for the publication of proceedings.

The amount for meeting expenditure on the miscellaneous items, etc. shall be determined by this Division with the concurrence of Integrated Finance

For organizing workshops/seminars, etc. at the State/UT level, A lump sum amount not exceeding Rs50,000/= will be provided to each State/UT. Rs 4.00 lakh per study.


Production of documentary films on fisheries and aquaculture

No fixed amount of financial assistance has been approved under this component. It shall be determined separately for each film by the Script Committee on the basis of script as well as rates quoted by different agencies. However, it shall not exceed Rs 5.0 lakh/film.


Establishment of Awareness Centres

Unit cost is Rs 20 lakh (Rs 15 lakh for the construction of building and Rs 5 lakh for equipment glassware, etc). One Awareness Centre comprising museum, library, aquarium and auditorium facilities, etc. will be established in each State/UT. The land and operational cost would be met by the respective States/UTs.


Activities of Fisheries Division at Head Quarters

Overhead expenditure at Headquarters in the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying (Fisheries Division) for strengthening the training & extension skills of personnel and upgrading the reference material including audio-visual aids. In addition this will include committed liabilities like international conferences/seminars/Symposia, etc.

The expenditure on the items/components as indicated above will be shared on 80:20 basis between the Government of India and the State Governments. For Union Territories, the entire expenditure will be borne by the Centre. While submitting proposal, the States/UT’s/implementing agencies has to submit detailed plans and cost estimates, utilization certificate/progress report of earlier releases and availability of state share in the state budget.