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About Department of Fisheries

picture The estimated physical resources of the state can widely be grouped or classified as:
Resource Type Area (in Hect)
Resource for ponds and tank development 15,000 Ha
WRC plot/Paddy beeds for development Of paddy cum fish culture 5000 Ha
Rivers and Streams 9339 Km
Beels & Lakes 2000 Ha
Irrigation Channels 1200 Ha
Reservoirs 160 Ha
Waterlogged wet lands 45,187 Ha
Swamp and Marsh 7794 Ha
Lakes Yet to be Documented#
#:Number of lakes reported in high altitude areas in Tawang, W/Siang, U/Siang, Anjaw, D/Valley, K/Kumey, Kra-Daadi areas and no. is yet to be documented

Closer view of Acitivities of Fisheries Department